Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

With Dual Enrollment, students can ease into their college experience before they’ve even left high school — but it’s not just students who benefit. Dual Enrollment offers benefits to our area high schools.

High School Students

For high school students, Dual Enrollment:

  • Eliminates potential duplication of advanced/honors high school courses and introductory/survey college courses.
  • Provides access to CGCC libraries, as well as remote library access for research databases.
  • Allows students to complete credits that apply toward their general education requirements, letting them focus on courses within their major area of study when they enroll at a university.
  • Provides a cost-effective head start on a college education, enabling students to earn a four-year degree in as little as three years.
  • Allows students to know how their college credits will transfer (instead of the transferability being dependent on an advanced placement test score).

For high schools, Dual Enrollment:

Opens a dialogue and enhances collaboration between the high school and the community college faculty.

  • Improves high school retention and graduation rates. For college-bound students, this impact is most evident during the student’s senior year when they elect to remain on the high school campus to earn Dual Enrollment college credit rather than opt for early dismissal.
  • Encourages students to develop themselves academically due to prerequisites/skills needed for entrance into certain college classes.
  • Expands the high school curriculum by delivering courses via the community college curriculum that high schools might not offer.
  • Encourages professional growth among high school teachers, as they must earn a master's degree in a major field of study to meet the criteria to teach a community college class.
  • Provides an opportunity for high school Dual Enrollment faculty to become adjunct faculty for the community college.

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