Dual Enrollment Instructors

Dual Enrollment Instructors

Our Dual Enrollment Instructors are vital in helping our students achieve their goals. Learn how you can become a Dual Enrollment Instructor below. And if you’re already an instructor with us, you’ll find an array of resources you can use.

How to apply to become a Dual Enrollment Instructor

Instructors interested in teaching for Dual Enrollment must complete the Dual Enrollment instructor application packet and request their Dual Enrollment liaison submit their packet to deinstructor-qual@cgc.edu

Resources for Dual Enrollment Instructors

We want to help make your job easier as a Dual Enrollment Instructor. These resources will help with various parts of your job.

Available Courses

Looking for a class to teach? Check out the type of courses available to our Dual Enrollment Instructors.

Dual Enrollment Placement Test Chart

Understand how Dual Enrollment students are admitted and placed in courses.

Guide for Submitting Grades and 45th-Day Roster Certification

Use this step-by-step guide to enter your students’ final grades and when it’s time to certify your class roster.

Request Library Instruction

If you want to better understand all that the CGCC Library can assist with, email us and we’ll set up an appointment with your class.