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Fall 2020 Update:

  • Due to the escalation of COVID-19 cases, our in-person instruction and services plans may be modified to continue to protect the health and safety of our communities. Learn more here.
  • Spring classes start January 16. Learn more here about how to apply and register for classes.
  • Services will continue to be offered remotely via phone, email, and online.
  • Mail and delivery services are still being accepted at our Pecos and Williams campuses. Please follow posted signage for receiving.
  • Please follow these guidelines to report COVID-19 Diagnosis or Exposure.


Tuition Refunds

CGCC’s Refund Policies and Deadlines


Refunds past the published deadlines will not be considered for reasons beyond the control of the college. Job transfers, change in work schedule, etc., will NOT be considered grounds for appeal. Course fees and registration processing fees will be refunded only if the student qualifies for a 100% refund. All refunds and deposits that may be due a student will first be applied to any debts owed to the college. Refunds for students receiving federal financial assistance are subject to federal guidelines. A student in the Armed Forces or the Arizona National Guard who is called to active duty and assigned to a duty station, verifiable by a copy of the orders, will be allowed to withdraw and receive a 100% refund of tuition, provided courses have not been completed. Submit a copy of the orders to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office

All About Refunds

A. Refund Policy for Credit Classes

Students who officially withdraw from credit classes within the drop deadlines listed above will receive a 100% refund for tuition, class and registration processing fees. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or a college holiday will advance to the next college workday, except for classes 1 to 9 calendar days in length, or as specified by the college. Withdrawal deadlines for a 100% refund will be printed on the student invoice. Calendar days include weekdays and weekends.

B. Refund Policy for Non-credit Classes

Unless otherwise specified, students must drop non-credit classes prior to the class start date to be eligible for a 100% refund.

C. Canceled Classes

When a class is canceled by the college, a 100% refund will be given.

Important: you must request a refund. Refunds for canceled or dropped courses are not issued automatically. Please call Student Business Services at (480) 732-7312 to request.

D. Other Refunds

Students withdrawing from college for one of the following reasons must submit a written request for a refund to the Office of Admissions, Registration and Records or designated college official.

  • If the timeframe for refunds has passed and you would like to appeal for a refund, download and fill out the Refund Exception Request Form.
  • A student with a serious illness, verifiable by a doctor's written statement that the illness prevents the student from attending all classes for the semester. The doctor's statement must be on file with the college before a refund can be given.
  • Serious illness or death of a family member that prevents the student from attending all classes for the semester. Appropriate documentation must be provided before a refund can be given.
  • Death of a student. Appropriate documentation must be provided before a refund can be given.

Requests for a total withdrawal from the college for one of the above reasons may result in a prorated refund of tuition, provided courses have not been completed. Refund Schedule: All students who officially withdraw from the college or individual classes by the withdrawal process set forth in the catalog will receive a refund based on the schedule. Classes that begin later in the semester will have the refund based on the date of the first class meeting.

Failure to attend does not guarantee being withdrawn or being eligible for a refund.