Finding Jobs & Experiences

Finding Jobs & Experiences

Finding and securing employment is a long process. Career Services can help you every step of the way.


Career Services offers three types of appointments to help you refine your resume, search for jobs and prepare for interviews. Take advantage of these free resources to get your next job.

  • Resume Writing/Cover Letter Help
  • Finding Jobs
  • Job Interview Prep

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Internships are just one great way to align work-based experiences to your academic program, network, and help determine if a specific field is right for you.

Check out our free online Canvas Community to:

  • Help you find and acquire internships
  • Define internships and their benefits
  • Learn about and apply for our City of Chandler internships
  • Gain access to other resources for internship listings
  • Acquire tools to assist with prep for resumes, cover letters, and interview techniques

Internships Canvas Community

Maricopa Pipeline AZ

On Maricopa Pipeline AZ students can match to jobs and work-based experiences based on their skills and interests

On Maricopa Pipeline AZ students can:

  • Explore careers
  • Learn about Fields of Interest (FOI)
  • Complete career assessments
  • Build resumes
  • Connect with employers for jobs and work-based experiences

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Finding Jobs

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Federal Work-Study Jobs for Students

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a type of financial aid that provides part-time employment to college students who need to earn money while in school. The program funds jobs on campus or at nearby nonprofit organizations or public entities.

A Career Advisor can help you identify the Federal Work-Study position that best aligns to your Field of Interest and your career goals and to help you prepare your resume to apply. Schedule a Federal Work-Study Assistance Appointment.

Learn more about your eligibility, the FWS application process, and the steps to get started.

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