Computer Lab Onsite Services

Up-to-date technology. Above-and-beyond support

Chandler-Gilbert operates two Computer Labs on the Pecos and Williams campuses to give you access to the technical equipment and services you need to go after your studies and meet your course requirements.

Our Computer Labs are open to all registered students currently taking classes at CGCC, and they provide a quiet, comfortable, fully equipped study space to work on school assignments. You’ll find a full range of technology and support:

  • Highly qualified staff who can help you with your homework and answer your technology questions with programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Canvas, SIMnet, MyITLab, and more.
  • Windows and Mac computers with specialized, up-to-date software for your classes Headphones, webcams, and phone chargers available for checkout (with ID) Printers and scanners.

Use the Computer Lab to work on assignments, conduct online research, register for classes, access online and self-directed courses, print out assignments, and more!

Computer Lab Onsite Services

If you can’t get to the Computer Lab, our staff of experts is available online, ready to help you with your homework and technology questions. Learn more.

This handy directory gives you a ton of useful information on how to use a range of technology on campus, including WiFi instructions, downloading software, videoconferencing, and quick reference cards for Microsoft Office. Learn more.

CGCC offers a wide variety of technology tools and systems that support our students in and out of class. Check out this listing of software, hardware and student services available. Learn more.

Visitors to the Computer Lab can access this virtual workspace for storing and working on files for class.

Windows users can access their Personal Workspace by going to "My Computer" and looking for a Personal Workspace drive ("I:" drive). Macintosh users can look for the "Workspace" shortcut on the desktop. If these options are not available, try the following:

  • Windows computers: Go to start-Run and type \\cg-student\Personal
  • Macintosh computers: From the Go menu choose Connect to Server. In the Server Address box type cifs://cg-student/Personal

Restoring a previous version of a file

Students can restore a previous version of a file that's located in the student's Personal Workspace (I:\ drive). For example, if you accidently delete a file or folder you created yesterday or last week, or you simply want to go back to yesterday's version of the file, follow the steps below.

On a Windows computer

  1. Locate the file or folder that you want to restore (in your I:\ drive), right-click, and click Properties. The Properties dialog box will appear (see image below).
  2. On the Previous Versions tab, click the version of the file that you want to restore and click Restore. A warning message about restoring a previous version will appear. Click Yes to complete the procedure.


Restoring a previous version will delete the current version. If you choose to restore a previous version of a folder, the folder will be restored to its state at the date and time of the version you selected. You will lose any changes that you have made to files in the folder since that time. If you do not want to delete the current version of a file or folder, use Copy to copy the previous version to a different location.

A note about snapshots

Snapshots of your folders and files are taken every morning around 5:00 AM, and only snapshots are available for restoring. What this means is any file or folder created or modified after the snapshot period will not be available for restoration until the next snapshot period the following day.

The Computer Labs are official testing sites for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. MOS exams provide industry-leading assessments of Microsoft skills and knowledge. Visit our Microsoft Office Certification page for details and to schedule an assessment.

The Pecos lab provides students with the ability to make up exams (by appointment only) and schedule HESI testing sessions for those attending the Nursing program. Form more information, visit our HESI A2: Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam for Nursing.

Please use the lab responsibly. Read our policies for details.