Meet the folks in charge

Meet the folks in charge

New Adventures in Learning is made possible by our all-volunteer staff under the direction and guidance of council members and CGCC staff. 

Council members

Rob Truman, President
Virginia Allen, Secretary
Bill Haskell, Treasurer
Susan Lockwood Knaus, Curriculum Chair
Gene Lariviere, Membership Chair
Larry Noser, Presenter Support Chair
Vacant, Volunteer Chair
Richard Lewin, Publicity Chair
Lita Swanson, Assistant Secretary
Carole Rockland, Member-at-Large
Kyle Messner, Member-at-Large
Kari Lohela, Member-at-Large
Jack Baur, Member-at-Large

CGCC Staff

Vincenza Heisler
Administrative Specialist Senior

Bethany Crossley
Property Materials Specialist

Mark Schufletowski
Database Manager/Computer Consultant