High School College Advisors

Our college advisors in your school

To help you transition smoothly into college, and to better serve our high school partner districts, CGCC has embedded our own College Advisors at our area high schools. These advisors are available on high school campuses to help students navigate the college admissions process, answer any questions they may have, and support their search for the right academic programs. Our College Advisors are also ambassadors to programs that encourage high school students to prepare for college early, including:

  • Dual Enrollment, which allows students to earn high school and college credits at the same time
  • Concurrent Enrollment, where high school students can take courses with college students, either in person, online, or in hybrid formats
  • Hoop of Learning, an early high school-to-college bridge program designed to empower American Indian students
  • Achieving a College Education (ACE), a scholarship program supporting first-generation, underrepresented, financially disadvantaged college-bound students

Connect with your High School College Advisor

Our Advisors are ready to help you navigate the college admissions process, explore early college opportunities and provide support as you evaluate your program options!

Chris Sabel

Chris Sabel
Email: Christine.Sabel@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-726-4207
Location: Campo Verde High School, Desert Ridge High School

Chris has been guiding students towards achieving their higher education goals since 2010. Whether you are just curious to know more about community college or already have a plan in place, she can help you navigate the process. She looks forward to meeting all of her students and helping them chart a path to their success.

Yocelyn Gomez-Garcia

Yocelyn Gomez-Garcia
Email: Yocelyn.Gomez.Garcia@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-726-4210
Location: Chandler High School

Originally from Compton, CA, Yocelyn has more than a decade of higher education experience assisting students from diverse academic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Her focus is on helping students develop the successful strategies needed to become lifelong learners and enhance their scholarly and professional growth.

Sandra Martinez

Sandra Martinez
Email: Sandra.Martinez@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-726-4209
Location: Gilbert High School, Mesquite High School

Originally from California, Sandra is fluent in Spanish and a graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Her degree has given her the opportunity to give back to the community by being of service. She considers the ability to connect high school students to their college path the most rewarding aspect of her career.

Jasmine Mercado

Jasmine Mercado
Email: Jasmine.Mercado@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-988-8174
Location: Higley High School, Williams Field High School

Jasmine started working at Chandler-Gilbert Community College as a student in 2013. After graduating, she continued her career in higher education by working at CGCC while completing her bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University. Fluent in Spanish, her goal is to help as many students as possible through their college journey.

Christina Mason

Christina Mason
Email: christina.mason@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-726-4127

Christina is passionate and dedicated to providing guidance and direction to a diverse population of students through the college admission and enrollment process. Being an alumni of Chandler-Gilbert Community College and a graduate of Northern Arizona University, she has first-hand experience on navigating the complexities of college. She's excited to support her community and help her students towards their educational successes.

Victoria Castro Corral

Victoria Castro-Corral
Email: victoria.castro.corral@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-461-6763
Location: East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) - Main & Power Campus

Victoria is an advocate and believes in everyone having access to college, no matter the age. She even started earning college credits in 6th grade! She is a Phoenix native and proud Latina, fluent in Spanish. She earned a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Human Rights along with a Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Leadership and Management at Arizona State University and Associate in Arts at Phoenix College. She lives through her verb, initiate. “If not you, then who?” She is passionate about helping students feel empowered and confident about their goals and future!

Melissa "Missy" Romero

Melissa "Missy" Romero
Email: melissa.romero@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-732-7304
Location: Arizona College Prep (ACP) and Hamilton High School

Melissa Romero joined Chandler-Gilbert Community College in 2012 as a financial aid counselor. Prior to Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Melissa worked as a financial aid/military advisor for two other colleges for 15 years. Melissa has assisted a variety of students and parents over her many years working in higher education. Melissa received an Associate in Arts degree from Chandler-Gilbert Community in 2018. In 2020, Melissa graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration. Melissa plans to start Northern Arizona University in this fall to obtain a Master of Educational Leadership for Community College/Higher Education. She was born in southern California and moved with her family to Mesa, Arizona in 1988. Melissa now lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona with her husband. She is a bonus mom to two amazing adult children and a soon-to-be son-in-law. Melissa was a big supporter and helped both of her children when they were enrolling in community college and undergraduate programs. Melissa is a devoted dog mom who enjoys baking, going to concerts and spending time with family and friends.

Daniel Larsen

Daniel Larsen
Email: Daniel.Larsen@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-726-4288
Location: Eastmark and Queen Creek High Schools

Daniel Larsen was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and he has six siblings who all still live in this wonderful state. They often spend time together along with their many nieces and nephews. Daniel completed his Associates Degree at Mesa Community College, Bachelors at Arizona State University, and Masters of Education in School Counseling at Grand Canyon University. Daniel loves providing others with opportunities so they can be successful in their personal, academic, and career goals.

Krysten Marshall

Krysten Marshall
Email: Krysten.Marshall@cgc.edu
Phone: 480-726-4076
Location: Perry and Basha High Schools

Krysten started her education at Chandler-Gilbert Community College before transferring to Arizona State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She discovered her joy of assisting students in reaching their future goals while working at a high school as a Transition Specialist in the Exceptional Student Services department. Krysten is passionate about accessible and inclusive higher education for all who wish to learn. She looks forward to meeting with her students and facilitating their individual route to success.

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