Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our International Student FAQs to find out about the costs and benefits of studying at CGCC, tuition payment plans, registering for classes, and more!

Why should I choose to study at CGCC?

There are many ways students benefit from studying at CGCC. First, you can take advantage of the more than 70 degrees and certificates we offer.

First, you’ll need to apply for a document called a SEVIS I-20, which is the Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (F-1) Student Status. You can do this by applying to the college through International Admissions.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College is an accredited two-year academic institution that offers a variety of certificates and associate degree programs. CGCC awards degrees to students who transfer to universities, and certificates to students seeking vocational/technical education who plan to enter the workforce upon completion of their program. An accredited university is an academic institution that awards four-year bachelor’s degrees. Many universities also award master’s and doctorate degrees.

You may find significant cost savings by obtaining your associate degree at CGCC instead of attending a four-year college or university during your first two years of college in the United States. Many students are able to satisfy their general education requirements after completing an associate degree at CGCC and to transfer to a university as a junior (third-year student). Because we have an articulation agreement with all three Arizona state universities, you won’t lose any (or minimal) credit when you transfer. CGCC offers small class sizes and free assistance with writing, math, and computers. Because class sizes are kept small at CGCC, students are encouraged to ask questions in class and can meet individually with instructors.

The following represents estimated costs for a 10-month period:

Out-of-state tuition and fees:

Living expenses (off campus):

Textbooks and school supplies:

Mandatory health insurance:


Tuition at CGCC is subject to change every year. All non-immigrant students applying for full-time status (12 credits or more) must pay the out-of-state surcharge. For the current out-of-state tuition, which applies to all international students with student visas, see our Tuition and Fees

Yes. For a very small fee per semester, all CGCC students can apply for the student payment plan by signing up online. Learn more about the online payment plan.

​No. You will pay Chandler-Gilbert Community College for tuition, fees, and student health insurance. You also will purchase your textbooks and supplies at the college. Therefore, you will need to have sufficient funds to pay for these costs when you arrive. If you will be living in an apartment, you will also need enough money to move into your apartment (rent, electricity, etc.). CGCC has housing available at the Williams Campus. You can get more information by calling 480-727-1700.

Most classes from another academic institution apply toward a CGCC degree, but it depends on accreditation of the institution, the class, the grade you received, and the program of study at CGCC. Students working toward transferring to a university first need to have their official transcript evaluated by an outside agency (outside CGCC), then submit the information from the evaluations agency to CGCC International Education Programs (IEP). We recommend Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) for information:

All courses for each semester can be found on My Maricopa. You can search and filter by class, semester, and college (Maricopa Community Colleges only).
Select the summer session or semester (Fall or Spring) and “All Classes” option. On the next page you have two options: (1) On “Select All Course Prefixes,” check the box and click “continue.” This will list all courses available in alphabetical order. If you click on the Subject Code Prefix in the gray/sage-green bar for each course (example: AAA115), your new window will open with a course description, competencies, and course outline. Or (2) click on a discipline in the box (example, ACC - Accounting, BIO - Biology, MAT - Mathematics, etc.) and this will list all Accounting or Biology, or Mathematic courses available with more detailed information for each course. If you click on the Subject Code Prefix in the gray/sage-green bar for each course (example: ACC111), a new window will open with course description, competencies, and course outline.

As a CGCC student, you will receive a letter indicating that you need to meet with a staff person in International Education Programs (IEP). After you have reported your arrival to IEP, you will be directed to meet with an academic advisor. The advisor can tell you about the many different areas of study available at the college. From here, you can select a desired program of study, and the advisor will help you choose appropriate classes. It’s OK if you’re not sure exactly which course of study to pursue, and you can change majors after studies commence.